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the Building Performance Podcast

Aug 19, 2019

Today Corbett and Grace address several more questions about building science and home performance from homeowners and pros across the U.S. See the show at:

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May 21, 2019

ALL NEW FORMAT! Corbett Lunsford is joined by his bride Grace- together they host Home Diagnosis, the first-ever TV series about building science and home performance testing. They answer questions of all kinds about the invisible dynamics of physics and chemistry in homes worldwide, and hope to hear from you for the...

Dec 26, 2017

Today Corbett talks with Bill Lazar of St. Johns Housing Partnership about how his organization built hundreds of affordable homes in St. Augustine, Florida, that are scientifically superior to the million dollar mansions going up across town. Recorded from the #TinyLab on the Proof Is...

Nov 1, 2017

Today Corbett talks with Pete Sanders of Sanders Home Services about contractor competition, how to show homeowners the right way vs. the cheap way, and his personal history with carbon monoxide. Check out our video tour of Pete's amazing NJ showroom at

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Jul 13, 2017

Today Corbett talks with Hap Haven of US Green Home about where home performance contractors come from and where we're going (and how not to crash and burn on the way there). Sponsored by the Building Performance Workshop's 6-Week Mastermind Distance Course and Home Performance for Tiny Spaces...